How Close Are We To A Cure?

An increasing number of cases of various types of breast cancer among women are being reported by many researchers today, making the need to find a cancer cure more urgent than ever. With this in mind, people are left wondering, is it possible to cure cancer, prompting them and other researchers to look for a natural cure for cancer when strategies for the prevention for breast cancer are simply not working. So the need for finding a cancer cure and other alternatives have been emphasized over the past few years to help minimize the number of cases reported.

The Search for the Cancer Cure: How Close is Close?

Over the years, medical researchers and practitioners have looked for alternative cancer treatments in an attempt to find the best cancer cure which can make it possible to cure cancer. In this regard, several treatments ranging from local to systemic treatment strategies, have been suggested by scientists from pharmaceutical companies. With the increasing incidence of treatment failure, the spotlight on finding a cancer cure has now been shifted towards natural cures for cancer which has little to no side effects against the body’s immune system. In turn, many health practitioners are now saying that we are getting closer to finding an effective cancer cure and recovery system strategy to help patients achieve remission uniquely.

Is it Possible to Cure Cancer?

With health researchers getting closer to finding an efficient cancer cure and treatment system, the possibility of curing the disease is not far from possible. Many cancer cure options are currently available depending on the type of cancer which has manifested in a patient. With this in mind, there is no single universal treatment, for now, and most doctors still depend on traditional treatments like chemotherapy, although monoclonal antibodies are now being used in medicines. Many doctors consider treatments to be uniquely designed for a patient and consider current treatments to be experimental.

Role of Research in Finding a Natural Cure for Cancer

Currently, research performed on finding a natural cure for cancer is a primary focus of many scientists. The thing is, doctors are reluctant to encourage the use of alternative medicine treatments, such as the use of herbal medicine, unless the use of such treatments have been proven effective. And since alternative medicine treatments aren’t a primary concern for most scientific research facilities, the burden of proof will remain elusive. The major concern a doctor has when prescribing a natural cure for cancer is that it may have unintended organ side effects which can worsen cancers. Before using a natural cure for cancer treatment, seek consultation with a doctor first, otherwise, you should learn the best prevention for breast cancer strategies to prevent the need of a cancer cure in the first place.

Prevention for Breast Cancer Tips

We are getting closer to finding a cancer cure, but these treatments are currently being considered as experimental treatments which may or may not work. So while searching for a cure, prevention for breast cancer strategies are still a primary focus which can ultimately help you save time, effort, and money.

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After an in-depth review of the strongest available science on the benefits and harms of screening mammography, as well as input from the public and health care professionals during the public comment period, the Task Force issued its final recommendations on breast cancer screening on January 12, 2016. You can learn more about how the Task Force’s final recommendations converge with other evidence-based guidelines in an editorial published in Annals of Internal Medicine.


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