Can You Prevent Breast Cancer?

Every woman can be at risk for breast cancer.

However, if you change your lifestyle, control the foods you eat and your physical activities, you can find ways to prevent or lower the risks of breast cancer.

Prevention Of Cancer In The Breasts

Both men and women can be attacked by breast cancer, especially if you are not careful about taking care of your body.

Prevention Of Cancer In The Breasts

A lot of diseases nowadays are caused by our own lifestyle choices. That is why if you want to become healthy and age having fewer health problems, and if you want to avoid breast cancer, you have to start changing how you treat your body.

What can you do so that your chances of getting breast cancer is low? What are the ways to prevent breast cancer?

To help you become a healthier adult woman who is free from cancer, here are some of the things you can do to prevent breast cancer:

Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

1. Maintain a Normal Weight

Statistics show that women who are obese are more likely to be at risk of contracting breast cancer than those of a normal weight. This occurs more especially to women who are beyond the menopausal stages. Maintaining a normal weight helps in the prevention of cancer in the breasts.

2. Exercise

By exercising regularly and keeping yourself active, you can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Even a regular walking routine of a total of 1.5 hours a week can decrease your risk for such a disease.

3. Stand Up

Especially when your work is office-related where you always have to sit down and work on stuff at your desk, take some time to stand up and walk around at least every 30 minutes. Sitting for long hours straight increases risks for breast cancer. Make sure you get some standing up time in and keep moving even when at work, whenever possible.

4. Don’t Smoke

We know how unhealthy smoking can be. Not only does it increase the chance of developing both breast and lung cancer, smoking can lead to other equally serious chronic diseases. A healthy lifestyle is beneficial and avoid both direct and secondhand smoking.

5. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Control your alcohol consumption, as is can be one of the factors of developing cancer in your breasts. Even as few as three glasses of wine in a week can affect your risk for cancer in the breasts. Limit your alcohol intake or better, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

smoking increases risk of breast cancer

If you are concerned about the prevention of cancer in the breasts, then follow these tips to reduce the risk of developing the disease. Aside from those mentioned above, having a balanced diet and eating healthy foods also helps keep you from getting breast cancer and other chronic diseases.

Having a regular check-up also helps, as you can be monitored about the current state of your body.

Choose to be healthy. Change your lifestyle and live a life free from diseases and cancer.

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After an in-depth review of the strongest available science on the benefits and harms of screening mammography, as well as input from the public and health care professionals during the public comment period, the Task Force issued its final recommendations on breast cancer screening on January 12, 2016. You can learn more about how the Task Force’s final recommendations converge with other evidence-based guidelines in an editorial published in Annals of Internal Medicine.


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